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Welcome to the Indie Games Jam reviews site! I keep up with the latest new indie horror games and other free games that come out on, Steam, Game Jolt, and more. If you like the games I’ve featured, make sure to follow me on my social media pages that I have linked in the sidebar.

I also upload all of my gameplay to my YouTube channel, Spooky and Comfy. I try to find the best new games to cover, and put a lot of effort into getting the best quality recording that I can.

I like to write these reviews to give indie games the attention they deserve. Creators on and similar release these for free and most of the time have really good ideas and attention to detail. They’re some of my favorite kinds of games, so I wanted to make a place that has reviews just for them.

If you want to suggest a game, request a game review, or have any other message for me, feel free to email me:
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Featured Horror and Indie Gaming Websites

itchio website logo is a popular marketplace for indie game developers. Most games are free, but they do give you the option to pay what you want.
Gamejolt website logo
Gamejolt is another popular website for indie game developers and free games. It’s not just for games, but for sharing videos, art, and more.
Ludum Dare website logo
Ludum Dare is an online event where games are made from scratch in a weekend.

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Featured Horror Games Websites

3 Scary Games white pixel ghost logo
3 Scary Games Review Site
Horrify World website logo
It’s like YouTube but exclusively for horror videos.

Indie Game Devs

Puppet Combo – Developer of many popular horror games with VHS and PS1 style graphics. Creator of Get Out of the House, Nun Massacre, and much more! Inspired by 80’s style slasher films and similar.

Chilla’s Art – Japanese Horror Game developer. Well known for creating games like The Convenience Store, Night Delivery, The Bathhouse, and many others.

616 Games – Creator of many bizarre, crazy, and hilarious games such as the Poop Killer, Night of Carnage, and more.

Moya Horror – Developer of the ongoing PS1 style horror game Sauna 2000, releasing new content within the Haunted PS1 demo discs.

KenForest – Creator of many popular haunted PS1 style horror games like Moth House, Please Don’t Litter, Toiletrooms, and more!

Serious Daniel – Creator of bizarre, weird, and funny indie horror games including George Likes Lasagna, The Microwave Paradox, My Strange Attic, and more!

Erupting Avacado – Indie Game Studio that’s currently developing The Hungry Fly, also the creator of The Repairing Mantis.

Also be sure to check out our list of recommend indie and horror game YouTubers list! If you’re looking for the best, or a new channel to watch then you should definitely check it out.

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