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Toiletrooms – A Backrooms Inspired Indie Horror Game

The Toiletrooms is a short horror game inspired by the concept of the Backrooms. Like the Backrooms, the Toiletrooms are an endless and strange existence of rooms. Except instead of the yellow rooms with damp carpeting and eye destroying lighting, it’s bathroom themed.

Out of many of the Backrooms themed horror games I’ve played, the Toiletrooms is actually one of the best. I really didn’t expect such a great atmosphere and sense of mystery. I liked the sudden random encounters you could come across. It was totally unexpected in a game like this, and anomaly’s always make the exploration more worth it. You can also interact with pretty much anything. I even saved a toilets life… somehow.

The TOILETROOMS Explained – An Alternate Backrooms World

In the end, you meet a giant shower head being that can talk. Supposedly the god of the TOILETROOMS… or something. It refuses to explain anything and sends you on your way. The final room is pretty neat to see. It’s an endless water world of pipes and water. Wouldn’t want to be trapped here like the rest though!

If you’re into games inspired by the Backrooms, you should definitely give this one a chance. I thought the bathroom theme of the game was going to be worse, but it turned out much better than expected.

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