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Deathmatch 404 – No Player’s Online Inspired Horror Game

In Deathmatch 404, you find an old dusty cassette game labelled “Deathmatch.” You decide to put it in your cassette player and try it out. Much like No Player’s Online, they player is brought into a dead server FPS game. After a bit of randomly shooting our gun, some players join the game. It’s pretty creepy to be playing a completely dead game and to see someone else randomly join. It labels them bots but when you fire at them, they don’t seem like they’re bots…

Turns out the people we’ve been shooting at were real and were somehow warped into the game. It’s something I totally expected, but was still pretty horrific anyway. They react more than usual in any FPS game, writhing in pain on the ground after you shoot them. Deathmatch 404 has a neat and horrifying story along with crisp VHS style graphics.

It gets even more horrific as it goes on. The concept of an FPS horror game going out of control and sacrificing people was scary and fun to play. I’d recommend trying it out if you liked No Player’s Online, the lonely feeling of a dead gaming server always delivers for me.

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