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Cleaning Redville – The Suspicious Late Night Garbage Truck

Cleaning Redville is an atmospheric horror game where you drive a garbage truck through town late at night. Picking up some trash bags isn’t all that bad, but the dark silent night is what makes the game worth playing. The entire time, it’s just you and your truck. Every time I leave and walk around I got this eerie feeling.

Most of the stops have a letter attached to a street light. It’s a slow, but creepy way to reveal the story. There’s a few different ways to interpret the letters, but the obvious sticks out by the end.

Cleaning Redville Story Explained and Closing Thoughts

Up until the end, I didn’t realize there was any significance to throwing away some bags of trash. It turns out the town has a pretty messed up dark secret. That being you’re their body pickup guy… Wow that’s a lot of murders. Or they just have a lot of hits and runs, which could be the case based on one of the letters. Pretty great you know now that you did it all.

Although Cleaning Redville doesn’t have much gameplay outside of driving the truck, the atmosphere is top quality. I kept imagining myself standing around in total silence late at night, it felt strangely realistic. The only company being the streetlights and creatures who are out.

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