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Last Bus Home – A Silent Dark Wait With a Stranger

Last Bus Home is a short horror game about waiting for the last late night bus with a stranger who’s hanging around. It’s a pretty short game that takes around 2 minutes total, but I actually appreciate the shorter ones most of the time. Last Bus Home still has a creepy atmospheric world amplified by a creepy stranger who walks out of seemingly nowhere. It also uses a crisp style of PS1 style graphics that aren’t as wobbly or distorted as usual.

The appearance of the stranger makes the whole game. It’s kind of unnerving since he’s just suspiciously dressed up and says nothing for a while. Offering you a beer is the most awkward part, especially because I just know he’ll murder me if I take it.

Last Bus Home All Endings

There’s three different endings, which are all pretty easy to find through a few extra playthroughs. The most common sense thing to do leads to the first ending which is just getting on the bus. If you decide to trust the stranger, or you miss the bus you’ll get the other endings. Which of course either one he kills you. There’s also a secret ending! Most players will probably get this out of curiosity. All you need to do is… step in front of the bus and let it hit you.

Another recent bus theme game that I loved and is similar to Last Bus Home is 124 Handle of the World. You drive the bus in that one, and it’s just as short, so it’s worth checking out.

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