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124 Handle of the World – Haunted Bus Driving Horror Game

In 124 Handle of the World, you’re a bus driver who’s working their midnight shift. Through the entire ride the cool, dark atmosphere and night sky in the background gives you this strange eerie feeling. The PS1 style horror game graphics amplify that effect while you look around the bus.

I was constantly looking back through the mirror while waiting for something to happen. It turns out to be a pretty chill ride though, until you drop off the second passenger… All we hear is a scream after dropping him off. At least we’re fine I guess, we did our job.

124 Handle of the World All Ghosts and Endings

There’s 4 ghosts you can encounter while looking around to get an alternate ending. Though much doesn’t really change, just what you run into at the end. They were really creepy to encounter the first time I saw one while just looking around.

They also don’t have that cheap jump scare effect, this is the right way to scare with PS1 ghosts! The ghosts aren’t too hard to find, and shouldn’t take more than two or three playthrough’s to get both endings.

I enjoyed the casual, but strange chats with the passengers. 124 Handle of the World is a short, but atmospheric and immersive horror game. I wish it was a bit longer, but I still loved it. One more passenger would have been a good addition. Besides that, my only complaint is that you can’t freely look around with the mouse. Though the choice of controls to look around works good. It gives an accurate perspective of how a bus driver would actually look around.

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