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M.Stain – A Bizarre PS1 Style Horror Game Job Interview

M.Stain is a PS1 style horror game where you attend the most important job interview of your life. You have the opportunity to work in the big city with the famous business tycoon M.Stain himself. Will you succeed and change your life forever?

You get off the bus and get to take a look at the city and the front of the office. It looks like a usual working day for everyone. Everything seems normal at first, but once you meet the man himself, the world flips itself upside down. When it’s your turn to interview though, you’re in for quite the experience.

A Nonsensical PS1 Horror Game World

M.Stain bartender screenshot
The Bartender that stares into your soul.

You’re presented with so many situations that don’t make sense, or don’t seem like they would make any difference. The man is very particular though, and has an eye for those who are gifted. He presents you with 3 of his most treasured belongings and asks you to pick one which will determine your fate. He’ll present you with a cash offer and gives you no time to think about it. Accept it or be cast into the dungeons below.

Either way, you’ll eventually make your way outside of this cursed office. Before you know it, you’ll have finished the job interview, attended a celebration party, and a cult meeting all at once. Turning around, M.Stain says we’re going to a party and hardly acknowledges anything you just did. It’s kind of funny how absurd him and the environment around you changes.

M.Stain All Endings Choices

Your ending depends on how you handled the job offer, and who you chose to sacrifice in the end. Each of the endings are ranked A, B, or C. Though the only real difference is who you end up escaping in the cab with.

M.Stain Limo Screenshot
Sudden party limo

You can achieve ending C by declining the job offer and then sacrificing the secretary. You’ll get ending B if you decline the job offer and stab M.Stain at the end. You’ll get ending A if you accept his offer, but stab him in the end. Either way you’ll always end up fighting his final form, burning down the bar, and running for the taxi.

M.Stain is an excellent horror game with endless surprises and a fascinating world. It’s fun not being able to predict what could possibly happen next. Things just get more questionable as the night goes on. I liked how much you could interact with as well, there’s at least some extra choices you can make that were nice extra details. It takes around 15-20 minutes to complete one play through, and I would highly recommend trying it out.

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