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Hamilton – Atmospheric PS1 Style Horror Game

Your friend has gone missing in the mountains of Hamilton park. There’s many other stories like this where people have gone missing, and the police never find a trace of them. The police said they found nothing and can’t continue because of the risk to the search party. You refuse to give up, so you go looking for her yourself.

The story is slowly told through the objects and places you find. Along the way is her backpack, her boots, and more. All stuff the search party should have seen if they actually tried. Why would she take off her boots and toss them in this freezing weather? After following the trail and ignoring many warning sides, there’s something you never expected to see. There’s a door in the middle of a cave. This part made me imagine coming across something like this in real life. It just looks so unexpected and out of place.

The inside of the facility is definitely the creepiest part of the game. It’s dead quiet, and it feels completely abandoned. Though you’re the only person there, it seems like there might be somebody or something else around at some points. The missing person poster of your friend also changes appearance when you go deeper inside.

The atmosphere of Hamilton makes it one of my favorite horror games. They perfectly used complete silence and darkness in the hidden facility. It gives it an intriguing sense of mystery too. The exclusion zone, the monster, and notes detailing everything around it makes it feel like an SCP. Snowy environments are one of my favorites as well. It feels like a mysterious place to explore, the snow fading out the background.

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