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Loveland – Solve the Mystery of the Frogs and Missing People

Loveland is a horror game demo where you take on the role of a detective and drive to a trailer town in search of a missing person. What you find this is much worse than anything you could have expected.

You arrive at the rural town of Loveland, Ohio and right away you can tell something is off. There’s frogs, everywhere. After taking a look around and knocking on the doors, there’s also not a single person around. Not a single living person at least.

As you move through the trailers, you’ll quickly uncover the frog conspiracy. At some point in the near past, frogs took over through some mind control. Those who weren’t enlightened were forced. Some of the trailers have a frog made ‘moonshine’ which is just so fitting for this type of game. They used the moonshine and video tapes to brainwash the rest of the town. The frog worshiping cult grew until it’s collapse and the frog takeover.

Loveland frogshine screenshot
Delicious Trailer Park Frogshine

Loveland Explained – Notes Analysis

You should also read through the notes that are scattered about to uncover the full story and how the town fell to the frogs. It’s definitely worth it to take your time in this game. Make sure to take a look around the lake, you might see something especially spooky.

Loveland is a colorful and immersive horror game with an excellent atmosphere. I really liked exploring each trailer to see what I would find next. The puzzles weren’t too difficult to solve either. Most of the important objects are easily found if you explore everything. There’s also a few optional parts to unlock.

The game ends right at the gate you worked so hard to get to, so that was kind of a bummer. Hopefully we get to see more soon! It takes around 15-20 minutes to complete, and I would highly recommend trying it out!

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