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Deep City Horror Game – Explore a Suspicious Underwater City

Deep City is a short PS1 style horror game where you end up exploring the bottom of the ocean. You start off in your boat, until a strange creaking noise wakes you up in the night. Then a long dark creature springs up and drags you into the water.

Deep City Exploration Screenshot
Exploring Town

There’s a lot of papers scattered around that can tell you more about the events of the game. This city used to be above water before and unknown event dragged them down below. Some powerful force allows them to live underwater despite having no air.

The atmosphere seems peaceful, but you’ll soon learn of the horrors the people of this town had to go through. Most of the people here had a really grim fate, despite how beautiful the underwater environment may look. The town seems likes it’s changing itself as you go along, like it’s guiding you.

Deep City Horror Game Review and Closing Thoughts

It can take less than 10 minutes to fully play through and read everything, so I would highly recommend it. The underwater city was an interesting concept. I had a lot of fun uncovering the story and walking around.

Unfortunately Deep City did not have a happy ending, but the strangeness of everything that happened was satisfying in its own way. There’s quite a few glitches since the game was made quickly. You can even pass through some barriers you’re not meant to and fall through the game. If you stay on the right track you would never notice though. It’s impressive for a 10 minute game.

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