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A Date to Keep – Silent Hill Inspired Horror Game

A Date to Keep is a horror game about a man who wakes up in a foggy and mysterious city. You wake up in a wrecked car, then walk off into the nothingness. There’s no people around, but there’s a lot of creepy manikins. After interacting with one that has its arm reached out to you, you’ll see they aren’t what they seem. They represent real people, but have turned crazy and violent.

There’s little explanation to the story, though you can make some theories. At the end, he walks into his home with his manikin family. With gun in hand, though he does put it down before entering. He walked through his workplace in the same manner.

A Date to Keep Explained

All we can guess is he went on a shooting spree at home and work. There’s also a secret ending if you manage to collect all 14 pawns. After the credits roll, a scene where he shoots himself with the shotgun plays. I guess that’s how we got to where the game started.

I liked the atmosphere and horror elements of A Date to Keep, but I really disliked the controls. They’re awful and don’t work well together. You change from the flashlight to the gun with Q, but that’s right next to W which is what you move with. You also can’t shoot while sprinting, causing you to fumble around a lot with the keys. I still liked the environment, foggy city, and Silent Hill elements. If you enjoyed all of this, you should check out Real Stories From the Grave Ep. 1!

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