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The Crypt Terror – Explore a Cursed Sinister Crypt

Deep in the caves beneath the town of Sherdorne lies The Crypt Terror. You are the latest member of the clergy that has been sent down into the depths to rid the town of evil. The town prays for your return as you descent into the crypts. However, nobody that has gone down has ever returned.

The atmosphere and horror perfectly takes advantage of the silence. It really feels like you’re alone in an endless, dark cave. The comfort of the villages from before is completely gone at this point. Besides your lantern, the crypt is pitch black. At any time, you can turn off your lantern to see just how dark it is, and that you’d be doomed without it. There’s a few different routes you take. I tried to go through each possible direction, but they all seem to lead to the same place. You’ll also find that the exit disappears once you’ve chosen your path. The crypt will never let you leave now.

Exploring for The Crypt Terror

There’s a few parts you don’t want to miss, so make sure you look around! You’ll even get an early sneak peek of the monster. The Crypt Terror is an atmospheric, immersive, and polished short horror game. An alternate ending where you could defeat the creature and save the town would have been interesting, but the end was satisfying enough. Although it’s a jump scare, it’s not too sudden.

Right when you see the light and think you might on to something, the terror grabs you and puts an end to your search. I really wanted to go further to see what that was! The whisper in your ear is creepy as hell, and lets you know what’s coming.

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