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Satan’s Pepper – Eat the Hell Pepper of Absolute Spice!

Satan’s Pepper is a short horror game adventure where you find yourself eating the hottest pepper ever created. The adventure of the Satan Pepper is pretty weird from the start though. You go to a grocery store to buy a few items, but only really get 3 things. One of them seems to be some mysterious chunk of meat? I thought it might be used later for something, but we never see it again despite its secrecy. Afterward you go on a walk in the forest and take a nap on some random mattress in the middle of nowhere like any rational person would.

After waking up and finding a dark cabin with a big eyed shadow living in it, we are offered the pepper. His face changes revealing his true form and becomes one of the most unsettling creatures I’ve seen in an indie horror game. The description of the impending doom and heat from eating the pepper is probably the best and scariest part of the game. Being burned alive from the inside from a pepper is more horrifying and interesting than your typical horror game death.

Satan’s Pepper Ending Explained and Other Choices

As far as being a horror game, there’s not really any gameplay. Satan’s Pepper is still definitely a creepy experience with a sort of VHS feel to it. Only a few of the options make some small changes in the story. Even then, the ending is always the same. With you eating the pepper and succumbing to the absolute hellish fire of spice. Another ending where you could be saved if you picked up the milk would have been cool to see. I did like the ending with the phone call to hell while you wait in purgatory. There’s a strange sense of loneliness and darkness in there.

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