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Death Trips – Indie Horror Game With Many Surprises

Death Trips is a short horror game where you investigate a cheap hotel for the infamous killer known as ‘Lady Death’. Her last victim was found at the hotel and you’ve come to investigate. As inspector M. James, you arrive to a suspiciously empty hotel. Unfortunately for you, the killer is still around.

Since there was nothing to be found in the lobby, you take the elevator upstairs. The lights suddenly trip on one row at a time like we’re in The Grudge. Just like where some creepy girl is about to move between the lights to jump scare you, or a serial killer like the other cliches. In the very back, the killer stands tall staring back at you. Before you can make a move, he sprints your way.

I don’t want to reveal the ending. The game is less than 2 minutes long, so I highly suggest playing it for yourself, but it’s great. Death Trips was short, but has such an unexpected and perfect ending. It was incredibly hilarious. Created by Forameuss in two days just for Halloween.

Death Trips Secret Ending

Death Trips Secret Key

You may have noticed something extra in the lobby. If you check the mailboxes behind the counter, you’ll find a key. Maybe you thought it didn’t have any use and was left there by accident, but you can uncover a secret after going on the elevator.

Make a run for the last door on the left. If you have the key, the door will unlock! The developer left a secret message and you’ll also find the murder victim you were told about at the start of the game.

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