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Killer Frequency – A Slasher Villain Hotline Radio Station

Killer Frequency is a horror game where you run a late night radio show called 189.16 – The Scream. It’s the only late night call show in Gallows Creek, and tonight is particularly eventful. You’ll encounter three different callers who need your help making their way around town safely.

There’s a strange man who’s been going around following the callers. It just so happens that the news reported there was an escaped convicted maniac from the local penitentiary. He’s made his way out, and nobody in town is safe. He even calls into your show to say you’re next if you’re too helpful. If you end up giving callers the wrong directions, they fall victim to the slasher.

Did You Try 911?

Each of the callers says they already tried calling the sheriff, but nobody picks up. He told everyone to lock their doors and stay inside, and is doing the same as an important example. There’s an escaped killer and he’s nowhere to be found. Seriously, this is the worst sheriff ever. It’s up to us and our producer to save everyone that calls in.

Make sure to get up, look around, and take notes. There’s many important objects lying around, and even some small details end up making a big difference. You’ll probably want a pen and piece of paper handy. Some parts, you can’t get up and look around for stuff when you need to. Overall, it’s not too difficult to save everyone.

Killer Frequency All Callers Saved
A happy ending for everyone

Killer Frequency has a unique gameplay concept and an excellent environment to go along with it. It was neat to explore the little radio station and look for clues that were important in helping the callers. The design of the station, and it’s name made it such an immersive experience. So many objects can be inspected or thrown around which was a great attention to detail.

It really feels like they put a lot of work into it. It’s still labeled as a trial version, so I hope more comes of it. They did high quality voice acting and modeling that would be great to see again. Made entirely from scratch in two weeks for the Adventure Horror Jam 2019. It’s very impressive they made this in that amount of time and included unique songs and voices.

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