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Spookware – WarioWare Inspired Horror Mini-Games Jam Version

Spookware is a short horror game that’s compiled of many smaller horror games. It’s the same fast paced style mini-game selection like WarioWare, but spooky instead of for kids. There’s 10 different games that you’ll randomly flip through, and you only have 3 lives so be quick! Beat the game before the dynamite goes off!

Using just the arrow keys, you make your way through many unique challenges. Some more difficult than others. Of course half way through things speed up for an extra challenge. It can take a few playthroughs to get used to the different games and the increase in speed, but it’s not too difficult.

Some challenges have similar concepts to other horror games. Such as collecting the pages pinned to trees like from the Slenderman games. You make narrow escapes from monsters, abduct cows as aliens, and much more. If you make your way to the end, you’ll get to play a game you haven’t seen before!

Spookware Pages Minigame
Hell Yes!

Spookware Jam Version Review

Spookware has an excellent mix of horror mini-games and a crisp spooky art style. If you played through it perfectly, it would take about 4 minutes to complete, but you’ll likely have to take a few loses first! I’d highly recommend trying it out. This is the game jam version. Since it’s release, a longer version has been created and made available. So if you liked this, you should definitely play the newer one as well.

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