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REDTAPE – Explore Hell and the Horrors of Bureaucracy in Doom Style

REDTAPE is a Doom style horror game that takes place in hell. You show up at “Hell Inc.” with the simple task of getting a single paper signed. After the first conversation, you can tell they’re going to give you the run around.

The employees make you do their work for them, and you have to go through an absurd amount of useless procedures. It really lives up to the name Hell and perfectly captures the dreadful feeling of bureaucracy.

REDTAPE Carrying a donut around in the office of hell
At least there are still donuts in hell

Although a lot of REDTAPE is just walking around, I really enjoyed it. The graphics give me the feel of being inside a building from the 1950’s, and it has a surreal sense of boredom.

Each of the characters has a creepy, and somehow shocking look to them. Although they’re pretty friendly, it has a subtle feel of evilness. The doom graphics make it look all the better, and kept me interested in playing. All of the characters you interacted with seem to get a happy ending in the epilogue too!

REDTAPE indie horror game promotional poster skull hand holding keys

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