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Interstate Buffet – A Rural Buffet With a Peculiar Food Selection

Interstate Buffet is an experimental horror game where you’re traveling and come across a buffet off a major interstate highway. It’s in the middle of nowhere and it seems there’s no staff or other guests here. Despite that, it seems to be inexplicably stocked with a nice variety of strange foods. Would you trust a buffet found in the middle of nowhere?

Looking around outside, it seems there’s nothing in sight for miles. Just the mountains and empty land. Going inside, it’s suspiciously empty. Maybe the staff are in the back, or in the kitchen doing work elsewhere? We seat ourselves, and decide it’s best to go get our food instead of waiting forever.

Despite the sudden earthquake and unsettling emptiness, we stick around anyway and walk up to the buffet. It’s pretty cool how the food is added to your plate as you pick each one. Some of the items are not what you’d expect though. Maybe skip out on some of those.

Interstate Buffet – Would You Trust This Place?

Interstate Buffet Foods
A food selection like no other

Interstate Buffet is a short horror game with a great concept and has a creative attention to detail. I really enjoyed the aesthetic and graphics used, but there is some room for improvement. It would have been much better to have the blur effect happen further out instead of blocking the vision in front of you. Seeing the art and text details from close up would’ve been better.

You also walk around a bit too smoothly. Having rougher movement with some steps would also be a great improvement. Those are my only complaints though, besides that it’s perfect.

It’s a neat little buffet with a dark secret and great attention to detail though. I liked how you actually added food to the plate that had it’s own physics, and the fact that the creator took time to even add fortunes to the fortune cookies. It’s about 3 minutes long, so I’d highly recommend playing through.

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