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9194 Tsunami – Psychological VHS Style Horror Game

In 9194 Tsunami, you’re caught on the west coast near the Cascadia Faultline where a 9.6 magnitude earthquake just struck. As a result of the earthquake, a massive tsunami was made, and is expected to hit the coast in about 30 minutes. We play from the perspective of an unfortunate soul who’s caught on an island near the shore.

Our only way back was a boat, but it’s out of fuel so we’re not going anywhere. From this point on, we start to experience things from the past. Maybe in their acceptance or coping of the situation they relived the most traumatic event of their life. It looks like we found our way to a place where someone was murdered or someone special died.

I liked the theme of 9194 tsunami, it feels like such a bizarre game. There’s not much of an explanation of anything besides the setting. The garage and events afterward are all kind of open to interpretation. Also the reason for why we have the pill bottle we never use. One improvement I wish they made was the field of view. The screen was made to look like we’re viewing the game from an 80 or 90’s style TV on VHS, but its a bit narrow.

Created by Shan for the HPS1 Summer of Shivers 2021. It was originally a prototype version, but I don’t think the creator is going to continue it. Since it’s release, they removed it from and use another account. Luckily I kept a copy of the game, and will see if the creator would be ok with me archiving it. Hopefully they reconsider and upload it again.

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