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Protagoras Bleeds Demo – Resident Evil Style Indie Horror Game

Protagoras Bleeds is a classic Resident Evil style horror game where you get stranded on the road, and the only place around is an empty and sinister looking motel. There’s no staff or other guests to be found, but you have no other choice but to stay the night.

You can explore the motel and walk around quite a bit, but there’s not much to be found. Once you make your way to your room, you decide it’s best to rest until tomorrow. One of the other guests wakes you up though. There’s a strange noise coming from one of the other rooms and you go to investigate.

TV Monsters and Fleshy Abominations

From this point, the motel is none too welcoming. There’s a bunch of humanoid monsters with TV’s for heads. They actually reminded me more of Silent Hill than Resident Evil since they weren’t some mutated monster. However, there’s one of those too. That would be the abomination in the other guest room you heard earlier. It’s time to leave.

Protagoras Bleeds feels just like a classic PS1 horror adventure. You solve puzzles, find items, and manage your inventory just like you would in the original RE games on PS1. I’m not too sure what some of the items did though, such as the syringes. I would think they heal you, but a general description would have been nice.

The puzzles aren’t too difficult to solve, and there’s a lot of save points. You use the Greek bust statues left around the hotel which was a neat idea. The fourth wall break at the end with the TV’s was creepy but was also sort of funny at the same time. The demo is currently available to play on the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2021.

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