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Doghouse – Something is Horribly Wrong with Your Creepy Dog

Doghouse is a short horror game where you want to build the perfect house for your beloved pet. He’s sleeping peacefully in the yard, but as you gather up supplies he starts to look… different. Maybe we’re actually building the house to contain the beast he truly is. We did end up using a bucket of concrete.

There’s three different endings you can get depending on if you complete the dog house, go inside, or find the radio. If you go inside without the radio, the dog is not happy at all! That’s ending 2, “do not go inside.” You’ll get ending 1 if you actually complete building the house. There’s also a radio/boombox laying around the left side of the house. If you pick that up you’ll be able to go inside and get the third ending “Disco Dog.”

Doghouse All Endings and Review

Although just a minute long, Doghouse is creepy and unsettling the entire way through. It has such a bizarre but interesting atmosphere. The open eye look of the dog is straight up scary. Even through the screen, it makes me want to look away. The “Shut the Dooorrr” voice when you complete the house is absolutely magical.

It takes just around 3 minutes to play through and cover all endings. I highly recommend getting all of them. Developed by Tumblewed in 5 days for the Weekly Game Jam 219 with the theme “Evolution.” The sequel Doghouse 2 is out as well! If you liked this one, you should definitely check it out!

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