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Doghouse 2 – The Horrifying Monster Dog Leonard Returns

Doghouse 2 is a recreation of the original game with many new updates! The graphics and concept are still mostly the same, but there’s a good bit of quality improvement. It’s still a horror game centered on your creepy, but beloved dog Leonard.

The horrifying look of Leonard still gets to me, get on his bad side and face his other-worldly wrath. Even when you do it unknowingly, he’ll change to his wide eyed monster look and take you out. There’s a lot more to explore and do around the house this time. Besides building the dog house, there’s a few things going on inside to check out, such as the lasagna you’re cooking. Definitely check out those cabinets too.

Doghouse 2 All Endings Explained

There’s 5 different endings to get – that is if the creator didn’t update them with more like he did before. It’s pretty simple to build the house this time and trap Leonard inside. After you’re done building it just make sure that you’re standing behind it so he doesn’t run into you. That’s the good ending.

Doghouse 2 dancing dog ending
Dancing Leonard is the best!

If you go inside and turn the lights back on after he turns them off, he’ll also attack you there. So you’ll get the bad ending from that or if he gets you when trying to trap him inside the house. Alternatively you can jump inside the Doghouse yourself to get ending 3. Where the rest of the world gets wrecked by your dog while you’re safe (but trapped) inside the house meant for him.

The more interesting endings are pretty simple to get as well. If you ignore the timer for your lasagna when it goes off, you’re house will burn down. Lastly, and perhaps the best ending is the Disco Dog ending! Inside the bottom right kitchen cabinet is a record that your dog loves. If you turn the lights back on in the house and he shows up, put it in the record player to get this amazing ending!

I enjoyed Doghouse 2 as much as the first one. They each have their own appeal and are really good indie horror games, I’d recommend either of them. I think the first is a bit more eerie from the background noise and the even scarier appearance of Leonard. The game takes around 10 minutes to get all endings, and it’s worth seeing them. If you liked it, check out my review for the first Doghouse.

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