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Blood Trail – Short Retro Horror Game Review

Blood Trail is an indie horror game where your friend and dog go missing in a blizzard during the night. You walk out to find his tent destroyed and a trail of blood leading out into the vast snowy landscape.

All you have is your flare gun which you can fire into the air, but it doesn’t really do anything. At the end of the trail you find a mysterious button just sticking out of the ground. Pressing it brings up an elevator out of the ground. It was pretty strange to see something so random in the middle of a seemingly endless tundra. The rest of the game you get to explore the lab hidden down below, where the freaky experiment that took your friend lurks.

Max the dog!

Although not really explained, the story of Blood Trail is really interesting. There’s a few different explanations you can put together yourself. The two of you were out repairing or working on the drill and a powerful blizzard came through and stopped your work. Then the creature from the lab stumbled across your camp and took your friend. Though a small lab, it seems they were doing some kind of human experiments. Like in any movie or horror game, it went wrong and got them all killed.

In the end, Max the dog lives so all is well. The retro style graphics with a slight VHS effect were a great choice. It really brought out the aesthetics of a cold, snowy environment which I always enjoy. Even small details like the sun and moon looked perfect. Even being able to look around inside your own tent for a short bit is a great detail to add. At around 5 minutes long and playable in browser, I’d highly recommend it.

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