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EXPERIMENT: Groceries – A Food Shopping Horror Game

In EXPERIMENT: Groceries you take a night time trip to your nearby supermarket to pick up a few things. All you have to do is pick up a list of 3 items and get going, super easy. Problem is, when you leave you find yourself arriving back where you were. The for some reason sentient grocery list your brought also changes to new items.

The game felt pretty mundane at first, but after a few return trips the store changes appearances. The true nature of the store slowly reveals itself, and you’re able to poke around more in some secret areas. I never expected to visit an evil grocery store. I thought my main problem would be the creepy cashier who’s bright eye gaze never left me for a second. Her reskin on the last night is even worse.

EXPERIMENT Groceries creepy cashier staring you down
Ma’am… are you ok?

The Secret Behind EXPERIMENT: Groceries

Why can’t you just buy your donuts and soda and just leave? The store traps you inside and the cameras watch your every move. Even in the bathrooms. Experiment gone wrong maybe? The store could’ve meant to be some sort of shopper data analysis, but it went rogue and turned evil… or something.

Either way we should’ve know something was wrong when the place was empty with the only other weird person in the entire place. EXPERIMENT: Groceries ended up having a really interesting and creepy concept. Also if you’re curious, nothing happens if you run out of money. The game will just give you $100 more.

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