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High Score Killer 2 – The Killer Arcade Machine is Back!

High Score Killer 2 is the follow up to the first haunted arcade horror game. This time someone else has a found another rare, but cursed machine left behind in an abandoned mall. The game you’re looking for is called Slaughterhouse Hunt. Exploring the mall alone was a pretty creepy experience itself. It has a neat run down aesthetic, I wish they would have added a few more things to interact with there.

There’s even a secret or two to look around for. I was wondering if there was any way to turn on the downstairs power as well, since there’s a prompt. That’s one thing that still intrigues me. Maybe there’s still an undiscovered secret in the game? I wasn’t able to find it no matter how much I searched though.

Once you get to the machine, you’re now in a PS1 style horror game! The arcade game is actually pretty good. The premise again being that you’re killing actual people. If you end up beating the game in 3 minutes or less, you unlock a bonus level with a terrifying villain! Beating the villain gives you access to some new endings.

High Score Killer 2 All Endings Explained

High Score Killer 2 Slaughterhouse Hunt arcade machine
The Rumored Slaughterhouse Hunt Arcade Machine

There’s many different endings depending on how fast you beat the game… and how you handle the machine afterwards. If you did manage to beat the game in 3 minutes and win the secret level with the creepy black monster, then you can get the best ending. There’s a can of gas in the mall, which you can throw all over the machine and burn it down with the lighter you brought.

If you burn the machine without beating the secret monster, well it just comes after you while it’s ablaze. If you beat the game but don’t beat the last level or burn the monster, he catches up to you in your truck. You’ll get a creepy sneak peak of him on your way out, while he stares at you from behind the store gate. Alternatively, you can just leave and spare yourself the entirety of horrors that you would have seen.

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