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Start Survey – An Existential Horror Game Quiz

Start Survey is a short horror game where you open up your laptop and answer a survey full of weird questions. You sit alone in your room, in the dark, with the window open. Some questions make you stop in your tracks and fear looking behind you, and around the room. The door creaking, the survey asking if you’re alone. It definitely doesn’t feel like it! Eventually the game shows you a picutre… one you might recognize from your own PC!

You can interact with the objects too, The game gave me creepy vibes the entire way through. It was actually kinda comfortable because of the rain, though still pretty horrifying. In the end the shadow lurking around your room was just a trick and meaningless to the story. Turns out it’s not a ghost story or even a horror game where we inevitably end up dead.

The twist in the ending is pretty sudden, and a pretty neat concept. Apparently it’s a sort of “dream” that the program is trying to wake you up from. It’s trying to bring you back into reality. Start Survey was a fun short horror game with a fascinating twist. It’s about 5 minutes long, so I’d highly recommend trying it out.

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