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Alone in the Diner – Short Horror Game Review

Alone in the Diner is a short horror game where you wake up in a mysterious diner with no memory. All you have with you is your camera that reveals the ghosts left behind in the diner. The ghosts all have lonely, traumatic thoughts from the past. They’re all trapped in the diner just like you are now.

One of them mentions something bad happening to “the girl with the camera.” Sure is ominous, maybe it’s time to put that thing down. Alone in the Diner was a short, but spooky horror game with a good story. Taking pictures to reveal the ghosts is a classic horror game concept that worked out well being recreated in a haunted PS1 game.

The ending really is a terrifying fate, being trapped the way we were. That one fry cook ghost sort of led us into it, thanks a lot pal. Guess these ghosts wanted some more company. The game is about 5 minutes long and can be played in browser, so I’d highly recommend trying it out.

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