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Lake Facade – A Lovecraftian Fishing Horror Game

Lake Facade is a fishing horror game that descends into the lore of Cthulhu and underwater horror. It’s a bright and colorful world you get to explore. There’s a small lake and a hut nearby to start off and get your supplies from.

It seemed like a pretty calm fishing game at first actually, I would’ve liked to play that part even longer if there was some fish. It’s time to do some grave robbing to progress though. Then after using a chunk of meat to progress, we catch a mini Cthulhu like fish and get to explore under the lake. Talking to the fish gives you some pretty interesting dialogue and some hints to get past the final test.

The rest of the game really goes into Lovecraft inspired art, which is one of my favorite kinds of horror. The final scene with the giant monster was really well done, though none of the symbols were translated so I didn’t know what was being said. That’s just another part of the horror mystery though.

Lake Facade Both Endings Explained

Lake Facade Cthulhu

The first ending is pretty simple through usual progression of the game. You can just walk down the final passage at the end of the game and talk to the monster. That’s the “Assimilation” ending, which likely means you’re now a part of their cult. If you solve the puzzle which you can do by collecting the rune and translating the book, then you can get the Oblivion ending.

The answer is revealed by the book to be “the king in yellow.” You make your way out of the lake and back to the fisherman, who apparently was in on you getting taken over by the fish cult.

Lake Facade is one of my favorite fishing style horror games. It has a lot of nicely done small details and greatly captures a Lovecraftian horror concept. I would have liked to have had to option to actually fish, but that’s ok since it’s not really that type of game. I loved the colors and atmosphere though. A director’s cut is also in the works and set to be released on Steam sometime in 2022!

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