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Lure – Short Atmospheric Fishing Horror Game

Lure is a short horror game where you go fishing at a nearby forbidden Shinto shrine in hopes of making some extra money. When you arrive, there’s an old man waiting outside the shrine’s entrance. He says he’ll pay you if you go up there and catch him a fish. He gives you a rod and waits by his van while you go up to the shrine.

Going up to the shrine, there’s a bunch of trash scattered around the path to get there. It doesn’t look like anyone’s been up here for years. Nothing is too suspicious though, so we continue on and start fishing as planned. The old man sends you back up after catching a fish though, promising greater payment later while he chills near his van. I wonder why he won’t just go up there himself?

Although short, Lure is a beautiful and immersive fishing horror game. I really enjoyed the background sounds and atmosphere. The colors and design of the small shrine fishing area looks amazing. It was a neat little area to explore, and it made good use of PS1 style graphics.

It would’ve been even better if there was a little more fishing involved. Catching junk or something else unexpected also would have made a good addition. It takes about 5 minutes to complete, so you should definitely play through it! Developed by Blue Moon for Halloween 2021.

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