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Two Lines – Outrun the Reaper and Explore a Mysterious City

Two Lines is a short horror game where you wake up in a dirty, empty apartment building. You have to explore the empty and dark city to find out whats going on. Eventually, the reaper comes from seemingly nowhere to chase you down. The background music is creepy and fits well with the mood of the city. While the buildings are plain, it’s still fun to explore and find the exit. Having the Reaper on your tail makes it a tense experience the entire way through.

The ending is a horrifying experience, especially once you hear the clicks of the Reaper coming your way once more… The Author of the game explained the story on the play-through that Alpha Beta Gamer did:

Author’s Explanation of Two Lines

‘In the upside-down bedroom, there is a dropped briefcase on the floor with a canceled plane ticket to Chicago, and a bed with the bloody corpses of a man and a woman. In the bathroom, there are anxiety pills on the counter, and a razor blade dropped next to the bathtub. The key item that was missed in the video is a positive pregnancy test. Here’s the story in the order it occurred:

A man leaves for a business trip, and his flight is canceled. He returns home to find his wife having an affair.
In a blind rage, he murders both his wife, and the other man. Then reality sinks in, and he realizes what he’s done, so he runs to the bathroom and vomits (it’s not poop, and if yours looks like that, you might need to see a doctor!). The man then rushes frantically to the medicine cabinet, hand shaking.

He pulls out anxiety pills, and quickly opens the bottle. He notices that he knocked something else out of the cabinet and picks it up with his other hand, horrified. It’s a positive pregnancy test (with two blue lines). He realizes that he not only killed his wife, but that she was also pregnant with his child. He drops the pills (hence it was not an overdose), and grabs a razor. You know the rest.

Stuck in the Reaper’s Mirror World

The game starts immediately after this sequence of events, as the man awakens in a rusty bathtub. This strange place is actually supposed to be Silent Hill, as referenced by the street signs. Part of the game jam was to set the game in a real city; I chose a fictional one, and the monster in the game is not the Reaper, but rather a personal Punisher, who is there to constantly remind the protagonist of his sins.

And the man is now banished to this realm to forever relive his final moments, only to be killed again, and awaken in the bathtub to rediscover why he is being punished, again and again and again, for eternity.

So to solve the riddle, two lines for life are the lines on the pregnancy test, and two lines for death are the lines on his wrists. While some of you mentioned that two and two makes four, instead think of two lines as a double meaning.

And there you have it! If you enjoyed this game, be sure to check out my big project NEMESES, which is bigger, better, and scarier. I have a video about it on my channel. Thank you for reading!’

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