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Lights Camera Slaughter – A PS1 Style Slasher Horror Game

Lights Camera Slaughter is a survival horror game about an intern working on a movie set about a low budget slasher movie. However, while they were just planning on making a movie, the slasher becomes a reality and he’s chased down by a real killer. The graphics make an interesting use of a VHS effect, and PS1 style graphics. The story of a 90’s horror movie being filmed and turning into a real horror movie is a creative and fun plot. It really reminds me of old horror movies and games.

Starting off, it looks like you’re viewing the story from the perspective of a VHS tape of what happened. So the story described by the author on Steam where you play as the intern hasn’t happened yet. You play as a 911 operator at first, alone in a call center. Nothing especially interesting happens, until one bizarre phone call where you get an eerie shout. Then it cuts to the police officer, investigating the outside of the slaughterhouse where some kids broke in.

The horror environment is creepy and fits into movie themes the entire way through. Once you’re in the slaughterhouse, that’s when the game is at it’s best. It’s dark, the building is old, and the absolute silence is chilling. Hearing the sudden noises through the quiet building, like when you’re locked in the bathroom, and the door suddenly shakes a bit is some of the best horror ever.

The warping of the graphics is a bit too much if you get too close to the objects. That’s one small thing I hope they improve in the full version. There’s also a few noticeable glitches, some players also have their game freeze interacting with objects. The text also appears instantly and vanishes sometimes.

Lights Camera Slaughter is still a demo, and is expected to come out sometime in January of 2022.

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