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Huldufólk – The Hidden People from Icelandic Folklore

You’re an archeologist that’s been hired to survey a build site, to confirm it doesn’t include any historical artifacts. Before you do that, you spend the night at a Bed & Breakfast where the host warns you of Huldufólk, a Faroese folklore. Aka the “Hidden People” from Icelandic folklore, they’re supposed to be supernatural creatures that take the form of people. You arrive in your car at the B&B after a long journey.

You can explore around a bit before you go inside, definitely check out the surroundings! It feels very peaceful, there’s the sheep, the bright and vast background, everything looks amazing. Once you go inside and set your stuff down, and go talk to the host.

He tells you about the Huldufólk and that you should just leave if you encounter any, they’re that dangerous if bothered. The archeologist foolishly writes them off for now, but takes note of the creatures. Listening to the story at the table inside of the B&B was very enjoyable.

Huldufólk living room screenshot
Beautiful and Comfortable!

The house feels so comfortable too, it really makes you want to stay. The see-through windows provide a wonderful sight wherever you look too. After getting some rest, it’s time to go though. You arrive at the build site, take some pictures, and write in your journal. You can even catch a glimpse of the Huldufólk shadows in some of them! Your journey ends at the cave though.

Huldufólk has an excellent and beautiful environment, one of the best I’ve ever seen in an indie game. The only complaint I have about the game is the ending. It was a little unfulfilling as it ends too abruptly and without a good enough explanation. You encounter one of the creatures as you exit the cave and they drag you in.

Huldufólk captured on camera
Taking some pictures!

They chain you up to a wall and your fate is sealed. The archaeologist was never seen again. I really would have liked if it had an escape sequence, even if it was a short one.

I’m okay with endings where the main character dies, when it’s done right. However, this was a game I would have liked much better if he made it out alive.

Sneaking past the creatures in the cave would’ve been a really fun addition. Besides that, it’s one of my top favorite indie games and I would highly suggest trying it out.

You should also try out other indie horror games by RBD Interactive like El Masmelo. I also really enjoy the black bars they put in their games because they add a cinematic and artistic feel.

Each section had a really meaningful part in the game, and the creator nailed the small details. Small stuff like the pictures and writing in the journal goes a long way in an indie game. The PS1 style graphics and the filter look great as well, though I wish there was a little less warping when you get close to stuff. Made for the Folk Horror Jam in October 2020.

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