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Morbus – Unlock the Secrets of the Forbidden Ritual

Your uncle’s death brings a sobering awareness to the harsh realities of this world. morbus is a horror game where you discover otherworldly secrets and grow your cult. In your uncles belongings, you find a tome that hints towards the existence of otherworldly knowledge. Such powerful knowledge cannot be lost with you, so you must spread it like a benevolent plague upon those who would listen.

Each day, you have a selection of actions you can choose from. You can lay low, reach out to potential followers, recruit them, and more. Be careful though, there are those who want to keep these otherworldly forces in check. If you draw too much attention to yourself, the cult will be discovered and stopped. It’s easy to avoid that, just make sure you lay low enough.

Morbus Dream Ritual
Attempt Rituals

After you gather a few followers, you should start gathering knowledge and performing rituals. You can collect symbols to use in your rituals, which have many powerful effects. They can create distractions to keep the authorities off your case, they can also draw people to the cult, and increase your otherworldly favor.

Ultimately, your goal is to open up the forbidden gateway and guarantee your ascension. The rest of the world will be left in ruins, but you have gained the knowledge and transcended you sought after.

morbus is a fun short indie game with an eerie atmosphere. The music, prompts for your actions, and your cult on display create a really creepy scene. I had fun trying out the rituals and seeing what each action did. It takes around 10-15 minutes if you never get caught, so you should try it out. Created by Noiseminded for the IPCA Game Jam 2021, and won 1st prize.

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