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Exclusion Zone – Explore an Abandoned Cult Beyond the Wall

You walk through the gates to enter the Exclusion Zone, a place that’s been walled off from the rest of the world. Looking back, the wall is massive and goes on seemingly forever. Whatever this place is, they must have cut them off for a good reason.

Following the path, you’ll reach the buildings in the distance. You can walk around the map, but there’s nothing else around really. At the top of the mountain is the main compound. As you walk through the various structures, a cut scene tells you it’s story.

Exclusion Zone Radioactive Tower
The Tower

We never really find out who it was that lived here, but from the descriptions of the building it was a mysterious religious cult.

They left these buildings behind, but we still don’t know much about them. That’s why researchers like you keep going back, despite the high levels of radiation.

One of the buildings and garden is especially radioactive. A piece of a giant crystal in the tower remains, most of it is missing. It’s thought they used that in their rituals. There’s also a disaster this place supposedly caused, but again we don’t get much info on that.

We end up leaving the Exclusion Zone without finding any new information. All we can conclude is that a cult lived here, were not humans, and caused a disaster bad enough that they were walled off from the world.

Exclusion Zone is a great exploration game with a thought provoking story. The text was tough to read sometimes since it types in from the middle, plus the background color mixes with some of them. I enjoyed the mystery of it though, and the lack of explanation makes it all the more thrilling. The giant wall and emptiness of the buildings has such an interesting and eerie feel to it.

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