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Wretched Stench – Investigate and End the Mysterious Darkness

Wretched Stench is a short horror game where you search around town for the source of an evil artifact. Whatever is happening, the town is cursed and covered in darkness. Shadows are chasing you around, and you have to stop it before they catch you.

Wretched Stench Shadow
Close call for me!

You have to walk through the darkness and find out where the evil stench is coming from. The game doesn’t have much of a description anywhere, but that’s what I’m guessing is going on. There’s hidden keys you have to find to get inside the buildings, it’s pretty hard to find your way around though. It’s so dark, and you can’t see far at all.

After you pick up the second key, the ghosts start chasing you around. That part was really unexpected, I barely made it past the first one when I walked outside. Eventually, you get the 3rd key and can enter the house with the evil cross which apparently caused all of this.

Wretched Stench Review and Closing Thoughts

Wretched Stench is a short horror game with an interesting story, but many flaws. It was hard to find my way around, and I couldn’t remember where I was going because it was too dark. If I could see even just a little further, that would’ve been a great improvement. Also I would have liked a little bit of story or any description at all.

However, it was intended to be this sort of game and was made for the Wretched Weekend Jam 1. In a lot of cases, creators have to make these games in a very short span of time. I still enjoyed exploring around the dark and spooky town, and the ending with the creepy looking totem.

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