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The Tracks – Ride Alone Through the Dangerous and Mysterious Wastes

The Tracks is a PS1 style horror games where you ride through a mysterious wasteland on a handcart. The train your were a part of has crashed, but you must continue on. It’s your only chance to make it through the overlap alive. Another convoy has already made it’s way through, you have to catch up to them.

You pull a handcart you find onto the tracks and go on your way. The overlap is a dangerous type of exclusion zone. Nobody is allowed to enter, and you could be shot or arrested for doing so. We’re supposedly a part of the military or group that’s inspecting it though, so we can go through. It’s our only way out anyways.

It feels like something is following you the entire way as well. Sometimes there’s red lights surrounding the cart, and the sounds of some sort of beast nearby. The heavy fog doesn’t give you a good view of anything far away most of the time. In the end we succumb to the people that lurk around the zone, whether they be real or illusions.

Although more of an interactive ride-through The Tracks has a creepy, mysterious atmosphere and a good concept. I really liked encountering everything slowly through the fog. The abandoned houses with blank people staring at you, the ruins of unknown towns, and a lot more. Created by Epiloguesoft for the Haunted PS1 Summer of Screams 2020 Game Jam.

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