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Prepper – Weird PS1 Style Horror Game Where Your Weather a Storm

Prepper is a weird PS1 style horror game where you board up your house for a massive impending storm. It’s the end of the year, and many rumors of a doomsday have been spreading around. The news is on and they say nothing is happening, everything is fine. Damn fools.

You’re thinking ahead though, you know something is going to happen. The storm of all storms approaches. It’s time to board up the windows and take cover from the onslaught of nature. As you board up the first window, the wind blows harder than ever.

Even though we’re boarding up windows it feels kind of pointless. Every time you board another, more of your house blows away and gets sucked into the sky. Even when we’re down to the last window and most of the house is gone, it’s still worth it to board them up for some reason.

At the very end, the locked room is revealed. What’s inside is more terrifying than the storm, or anything else. Did we somehow cause this doomsday? Prepper is a weird horror game that provokes a strong feeling of anxiety and uneasiness. We’re putting all this effort into boarding up windows, but our house is disappearing into the sky. The main character doesn’t seem phased at all either.

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