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In The Mountains – PS1 Style Indie Horror Game

In The Mountains is a PS1 style horror game where you explore an abandoned top secret facility. While hiking through the mountains, you walk off the beaten path. You pass through a gate and a harsh snow storm emerges behind you. It’s impossible to turn back and you have wait out the storm. Ignoring the “No Trespassers” sign, you walk past and find a hidden cave.

To pass the time you decide to explore whats inside, and unexpectedly come across a door. Making your way through the facility, you’ll find many loose notes about the experiments there. Then you’ll get to meet one! Just make sure to avoid them, once you get caught, you can’t outrun them.

I would highly recommend playing through this game. It takes about 30 minutes in total, maybe longer if you get caught by the creature too much. The atmosphere is very immersive, especially the beginning where you’re outside in the snow. The graphics are low resolution, but they look great. Especially with the design of the monsters.

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