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The Riverside Incident – Found Footage VHS Horror Game

The Riverside incident is a part of Scary Tales Vol. 1 created by Puppet Combo. You view the game from the perspective of a found VHS tape. A group of hikers found the tape and scraps of clothing in a garbage bag that was dumped at Spring Forest State Park. After viewing the footage, they turned it into police believing it was made as a prank. Limited portions of the tape were released to the public in hopes someone can identify the persons involved.

You start out by walking through what looks to be an abandoned hospital. Eventually, you make your way through rooms that have some strange recordings playing, or have voices in the background. It’s hard to say what the story is, or what’s really going on. Nothing is really explained well, which actually makes it more interesting. In the end, it looks like the person filming murdered someone and burned down their house. With no explanation why, or anybody identified, it remains a mystery forever.

This was a fun game to explore. Everything feels really creepy with the sense of being alone in a quiet abandoned place. The only problems I had were the controls, low volume, and viewing some darker parts. Walking around is really slow and choppy, I thought something was wrong with the game at first. The volume is naturally low, but some parts are loud and surprising, so that’s hard to balance. The final parts of the game are too dark and hard to see, though I guess that sort of adds to the charm of it.

It costs $6.66 for the 4 games in 1. Keep in mind you can get all of Puppet Combo’s games for $10 from his Patreon which is a much better deal.

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