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The Building 71 Incident – Found Footage Indie Horror Game

The Building 71 Incident is a VHS found footage horror game. It was developed by a student from Universidade de Caxias do Sul in Brazil. They based it off the actual building 71 that’s located there. He made the game as a part of his undergraduate thesis. It was part of a study about how to make a high quality horror game with little or no budget.

You start off outside of the building and go through a short tutorial. This part was simple, but is a neat and effective tutorial which shows the outside of the building at the same time. There are rumors of people going missing lately, and you’ve been suspicious of what’s been going on at building 71. Supposedly, it was closed due to gas leaks. You soon find out, that isn’t the case.

This was one of the best found footage games I’ve played. The VHS effect looks great, and makes the exploration creepier. You really get the feel of an abandoned school. There’s no cheap jump scares, the story and creepiness scales perfectly. Using a nearby building and developing a story around it was creative, and made it that much more immersive. I think the author of the game accomplished his mission of making a high quality, no budget horror game.

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