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The Convenience Store All Endings and Story Explained

The Convenience Store is a Japanese horror game developed by the well known Chilla’s Art. You play as a woman who works a night shift at the nearby convenience store right outside of town. It’s pretty calm at first, and the store isn’t too busy. The story picks up pretty quickly though, and each night you’ll receive a mysterious new videotape to watch.

There’s quite a bit a basic tasks you need to work through. I think that’s part of the charm in these sort of games. Even though it seems boring or tedious, it makes the game more immersive. Then when the creepier parts happen, they’re much more special.

The Convenience Store Food Displays

Eventually, strange things start to happen around the store. The doors open and shut, which is explained the first two times. With the senors going bad, and the boy running in front of it. Then they seem to do it on their own.

Doors randomly lock on you, even though nobody is there. You encounter an elderly customer who sounds lost, but actually knows what happened to the place. You write her off as crazy for now, we learn the full story later.

The developer added a full town to this game, which I thought was fun to explore. It’s a good extra that adds more creativity and detail to the game. Overall, it’s creepy and progresses smoothly. The horror story explanation from the good ending ties it all up nicely, and the VHS style graphics fit perfectly. I would highly recommend playing The Convenience Store.

The Convenience Store Both Endings

There are two different endings depending on whether or not you watch the tape on night 4. Most players get ending 2 which is considered the bad ending, because the obvious thing to do would be to watch the tape. Instead you could pick up the tape and click the box to return it to the sender.

When you return the tape you’ll get ending 2, which is the good ending. You’ll also get a solid explanation of the store’s backstory, and the events that occurred at The Convenience Store.

The manager doesn’t look so good…

After the main character returns the tape, she’s so shook up about everything. She questions if everything that happened was even real. Turning to the internet, she finds old articles and forums talking about the location where the store was built.

It turns out there were gruesome killings there in 2009, a house used to be located there. A man and his family were found dead, and it turns out he committed a murder-suicide. The woman that he killed was pregnant too, and he killed the child in her stomach.

According to a person who worked with the man, he was commonly harassed by his boss. His colleagues heard his complaints, and he went home with an emotionless face that day.

The Conclusion – It Wasn’t a Dream!

Then she picked up the phone to call her manager, to talk about her findings. It turns out his death was real, and he died in the storage shed where the horrifying cut scene took place. She quit her part-time job, and never returned. Even going by, she wouldn’t look at the store.

The next day, the store shut down. They explained it was because of management issues, but never publicized the real details. Watch the video to see the rest!

If you liked The Convenience Store, then you should check out Night Delivery. It’s another Japanese horror game developed by Chilla’s Art, and it has a similar theme to it.

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