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The Salvation Project – Protect Your Home From Satan

The Salvation Project is a PS1 style horror game where you watch a late night christian TV program. It’s a show about giving advice to prevent Satan from entering your home. The host of the program Seth (Kermit the Frog?) has you following the usual myths and advice about keeping demons out of your house. That they won’t come when the lights are on, and you should burn objects that look satanic even if they aren’t. Then eventually boarding up windows and covering mirrors.

The Muppet mascot worked out surprisingly well. The voice actor did a great job with him, and convinced us that he was the good guy. He’s very charismatic and was able to change from the helpful, friendly mascot, to an aggressive and impatient character. He was trustworthy enough at first, but his advice keeps getting stranger.

I highly recommend playing The Salvation Project. It’s short, humorous, and creative. The dark rooms and surprise appearances by Satan are creepy and thrilling. It mixes well with the calm, and peaceful music.

There’s 2 different endings depending on whether or not you picked up all of the photo pieces around the house. They’re not too difficult to find, all of them are in plain sight and colorful. You’ll get the good ending if you pick up every piece of the photo, and the bad ending if you don’t.

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