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Flies in a Jar – Bizarre Puzzle Horror Game About a Jar of Flies

Flies in a Jar is a puzzle horror game where you work the security cameras to watch over a jar of flies. A new experiment resulted in some sort of dangerous mutation in the flies. There’s not much that makes sense in this game, and there’s no real explanation as to why it would be so bad to open the jar.

You’re starting your new job at an unknown facility. All you have to do is watch the security camera feeds. You check your email to see a bunch of spam messages. One of them is from your boss telling you about the successful experiment on the flies, and that they have to be watched 24/7. These specimens are threat level ZETA.

After reading through some of the messages, a new one comes up. Someone has kidnapped your friend Cash Thompson. They say if you don’t release the flies, then they’ll kill him! You ignore that message for the most part though, and continue on watching the jar.

Flies in a Jar Puzzle Solutions

There’s a few puzzles you need to solve, but they’re not too difficult. The first puzzle comes through an email and says:


This is a CAESAR-3 cipher, and your quickest option is to just google a CAESAR-3 solver. After solving it, the answer gives you a link to the webpage which gives you the next number to call:

open your eyes
salvation is only a call away

This will unlock another camera where a long prisoner is crying on the ground. One of the messages says they are not what they seem, do not let them out. The next hint is pretty easy, the wall says GENESIS 1:3 and SESAME below. SESAME is the password to the light program on your PC. Then you just have to connect the power to rooms 2 and 3. That’s it for the puzzles! Soon enough the time comes, will you release the flies?

Closing Thoughts

Flies in a Jar is a weird, but interesting short puzzle game. I really liked the mystery of what the experiment was, and what would happen if I released it. I also wondered what the facility was, and who the creepy looking prisoner was. It takes around 10 minutes to complete if you don’t overthink the puzzles. Developed by Jet Simon for the Github Game Off 2021.

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