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Caim – Deja Vu Atmospheric Horror Game

Caim is a horror game about moving on. A phone rings in front of you while you stand in the long hallway. You can’t answer it, so we explore the strange looking rooms beyond. They give off a feeling of comfort, but eeriness.

You continue to walk around the loop, and a narrator asks you some strange questions. Do you feel like you’ve been here before? Each time you go through the door, there’s a new puzzle too. A piano you have to play a certain melody on, a balancing puzzle, and more.

Caim Phone Call
Who’s calling?

When you reach the end, the door is gone. No, you can’t keep moving forward. You have to go all the way back, with the special key you found. While you walk back, you hear the same voice repeat the lines from before, giving them a new meaning.

What is the meaning behind everything the narrator says? It’s quite a mystery and open to a lot of interpretation. Another mystery is the creaking wood sounds in the background that really add to the atmosphere. It makes you wonder whats going on with all the endless creepy rooms. It even feels like there might be someone else around causing them.

Caim has an excellent atmosphere and story. The PS1 style graphics look great, and the puzzles weren’t too difficult to figure out. The game was team effort, adding a piece of each of their styles. If you liked the graphics in this game, I’d highly recommend trying out other games by these creators like Nightslink!

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