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Quiet Manor – Explore a Mysteriously Silent House

Quiet Manor is a short horror game where you explore a completely silent house. There’s no objective or backstory, so it seems our curiosity brought us here. Through the fog, we enter the house and take a look around. Some doors are locked, but we’ll get to those soon.

There’s quite a bit of creepy pictures around the house, and we can’t find any info or lore about it. We silently walk through the halls, not sure of what we’re supposed to find. I thought the rooms were fun to explore, they’re colorful and complete. Even the bathroom looked nice and colorful. Anyway, we end up finding quite a bit weapons but nothing else.

Finding a random gun on the floor, we start blasting the locks so we can find our way through better. It was hard to tell but the other small items you find on the floor are bullets. If you pay special attention you can find one in a box in the storage room on the floor. You just have to cut it open. One of the doors you blast open is the most creepy, the blue room. The game was silent until now, but a sudden “Shhh” right up to your ear is especially freaky.

Quiet Manor Foggy Background

You forgot, the most important rule is that this manor is Silent. After you shoot open the door that leads to the kitchen, a monstrosity will spawn somewhere. There’s a few different rooms it can show up in, but it’s sudden appearance is the scariest part of the game.

Quiet Manor Both Endings Explained

There’s two different endings depending on what you try. Once the monster spawns, you start running and can leave through the front door for the first one. Or you can try your luck and shoot and stab him, then he kills you. No matter how long you try, he can’t be killed.

The game made a great use of it’s silent environment and having no background music worked out for the better. The Silence makes the abrupt “Shhh” and appearance of the monster all the more frightening. Quiet Manor has an excellent atmosphere that’s eerily silent but interesting to explore. The screen filter and retro style graphics were a good combination for this as well.

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