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Harmful – A Short VHS Horror Game Adventure

The tape was found deep in the woods. Some of the footage was damaged, some of it missing. Harmful is a horror game that you experience from the perspective of a found footage VHS tape. You leave your truck to explore the woods.

In each area you just have to walk around for a while until the game moves to the next area. You can walk around quite a bit, but there’s not much to explore besides some tents. The game is mostly uneventful until the reveal at the end. You can explore around the outside of a house and shed, then the next transition is where it gets dark.

The next few scenes are from within the house. You look above from the floorboards, trapped inside with a view of someone moving around upstairs. The game ends with a final gruesome sight. Though the bodies are pretty low res, it’s still pretty horrific.

Taking around 5 minutes to complete, Harmful is a short horror game that’s mostly about its ending. I wasn’t sure what the game was about, and really we could only make a few guessing after playing the whole thing. The VHS screen was a bit too staticy and can hurt your eyes a bit. Epileptics should always be cautious, but definitely take note here. It was a fun little horror story with the last few scenes being the most shocking. If you liked this game you should also check out Part 2!

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