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Slide in the Woods – Ride the Sinister Slide to a Strange Horror World

Slide in the Woods is a horror game that transports the player to a dark horror world through a slide. The park looks like nothing out of the ordinary, and you don’t know what to expect at first. It’s just a plain looking slide in a park. Going through the slide a few times is harmless, and nothing happens yet. After a few tries, it suddenly becomes darker. Things change even more as you keep going through, and soon you’re no longer at the park.

Slide in the Woods Eldritch World Screenshot
This doesn’t look like the park!

Eventually, you’re brought along on a much longer slide trip. The slide changes to stone, and you find yourself in a dark new world.

The massive structure in front of you is mysterious, unexpected and presents the player with many questions. It appears to be a giant stone pyramid held up by giant chains. Down below, the world is vast and endless.

Once you get to the top of the pyramid, you find the heart of this world. Perhaps the heart of the slide gods. All that’s left to do is feed it to whatever lies below. After the heart is gone, a strange and frightening creature appears from the dark.

It can’t really catch you at first, it’s just creepy and stares at you from the next room until you leave. The last part of the game where you get chased through the slide is intense and startling, with the creature screaming at you while you escape.

Slide in the Woods Explained and Closing Thoughts

Slide in the Woods is a neat and short game, with a strange world that was fun to explore. I liked the uniqueness and concept of the horror world that the author made. The pyramid and chains that disappear off into the sky are a good mystery. I really wanted to keep exploring more of it, and hope to see more games that use similar ideas and bizarre horror worlds.

The dark, foggy, and mysterious designs of the slide dimension is definitely an eldritch horror inspired art form. The best part is the views outside of the pyramid when you first arrive. You can’t walk further into the other room when you get to the hear unfortunately. An invisible wall stops you from exploring any further.

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