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War of the Worlds 1913 – A Cinematic Short Story Depicting H.G. Wells Original Novel

The War of The Worlds 1913 is a short, cinematic depiction of H.G. Wells Sci Fi Novel, War of the Worlds. Originally, the story takes place in 1898. Some more inspiration behind the game was “The Great Martian War” which is why some elements from the 1910’s are used. That’s also the reason why the author changed the year it takes place to 1913.

Outside of London, the main character who’s on a walk watches as something strange crashes down from outer space. Soon more of these objects crash, and one of them lands right next to you. The couple that you encounter stand in horror, as the robots exit their pods. They’re disintegrated by the aliens lasers, and you run off in a panic. On the horizon, London is under attack and burns…

There’s not much gameplay, it’s more of an eventful movie-like experience of the classic robotic alien invasion. The design of the robots looks like it fits perfectly for the time period. The actual movie had a more modern take. So as far as the recreations go, we’ve only seen a more advanced design for them.

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