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Night Delivery Creepy Japanese Horror Game – Story Explained

Night Delivery is a Japanese Horror game by Chilla’s Art, where you deliver packages in the middle of the night. It’s your last stop, and you arrive at a cursed apartment complex. The game is pretty simple, you deliver the packages one by one, and pick up unique can designs along the way. There’s a lot of extra items and scenes to look out for as well, so make sure to pay attention to what each character does or gives to you.

The design of the apartment and surrounding area is immersive, and made me want to explore and see what’s around. If you do, you’ll find a lot of the cans and the extra letters you’ll need for Ending 1. Specifically, one of the delivery’s was especially tedious and would have been better with one less step.

That’s where you’re going between the scared kid ‘Michiru’ and the priest who needs money to supposedly ‘bless’ the package. Why the kid even trusts you is a good question. You could just be saying the priest needs the cash, and then just pocket it and run off.

Meeting the Neighbors and Finding Soda Can Art

Collecting cans!

The rest of the deliveries are mostly smooth, but the people are all unfriendly and rude for some reason. It gives off the vibe that something is seriously wrong with this place.

You give them their package, and they tell you to get out. Or like the woman with the bed frame package, she makes you build it, and then tells you to get out. What the hell.

The ladders in Night Delivery were another part I think could have been simplified, though it wasn’t too tedious. I did like that part, and how the environment changed to red and had many parts blocked off with concrete slabs. The only jump scare was placed perfectly, and we’ll get to what that was later with the story explanation.

Night Delivery is another one of my favorite new horror games. I like games that are open, but are small enough to explore effectively. The atmosphere and strange behavior of the residents makes me want to keep playing to see what happens next.

Night Delivery Story and Ending Explained

After you deliver the final package, there’s 2 different endings you could get based on whether or not you read the third letter from mailbox 404. To get ending 1, you’ll need to read that letter. To get the key, you have to push the flower pot off the balcony in room 403, and then walk behind the apartments to retrieve it. Don’t pick up the letter from the mailbox to get ending 2.

After the apartment transformation when you tried to return the child, you can read the letters from the people you delivered packages to before. The person they talk about in these letters is a disabled man named Kouhei, who the story of Night Delivery is written about. It’s believed that it was his spirit who brought you to the alternate world so he could show you what people thought of him.

The people who lived here did not get along with Kouhei. Whatever their problem is that made them so unkind, they were especially nasty to him. They distanced themselves from him, abused him, and were disgusted by him. All despite how kind he was according to his mom.

SECRET – Letters From Kouhei’s Mom

Night Delivery Kouhei and his Dog
Kouhei and his dog?

You can learn more about Kouhei from the letters his mom wrote. You can read the first one by picking up the water bottle the man threw at you, and giving it to Kouhei’s dog “Aikichi”.

The water bottle is in the parking lot below, and his dog at the playground behind the building. The second latter is in the dumpster in front of the apartments. You’ll need to give the cat on top of the dumpsters the food that one of the tenants gave you.

His mom’s letters describe him as someone who liked to help, and was one of the nicest people ever. Kouhei’s family missed seeing him, and haven’t received a call from him in a long time. In the end, his family never heard from him sadly. He became depressed, and probably had a hard time staying in contact.

The Tragedy Surrounding Room 404

In the end, we find out that Kouhei is dead. He’s stuffed inside a fridge in the middle of room 404. There’s a few theories about what happened to him, that he was killed or that he committed suicide. He was depressed enough, and the people were so mean to him on a regular basis that it was possible.

However, it’s also believed that the landlord may have killed him. Him and the tenants hated him, so he wanted to get rid of him. Then he kept his body in the fridge to hide the evidence and to keep him from rotting. Or they hid his body after he committed suicide. Either way, they were looking to keep on collecting his welfare payments. The story of Night Delivery turned out to be way darker and tragic than I ever expected.

Night Delivery Conclusion with Kouhei’s Spirit

In ending 1, the delivery man discovers the fridge and knows what happened. He reports his discovery to the police, and the landlord and residents are arrested. The ending description does say the police decided it was a suicide early on, and they could have staged it as such. While it’s implied, we didn’t see absolute clarity that it was murder.

In ending 2, after we discover the fridge, the apartment suddenly goes dark. Then we see the bodies of all of the residents scattered around. Maybe Kouhei’s spirit finally got his vengeance and killed them all.

Last, we play from the landlord’s perspective and run up to Kouhei’s room. He’s attacked, maybe killed and the last thing we see is Kouhei’s spirit. In this ending, it seems since the delivery man didn’t find out what happened and couldn’t report it to the police, Koukei took his revenge.

If you liked Night Delivery, then you should definitely check out The Convenience Store. It’s another game developed by Chilla’s art, and it has a similar theme to it.

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  1. Hey! i just wanted to sya something i noticed while playing, i forgot which room it was, but at the ladder part, you read a letter saying that the lady in the apartment works at a convience store nearby, hinting to the other chillas art game, the convience store. thought I’d let you know! 🙂


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