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Drone Delivery Despair Indie Horror Game Review

In a dystopian, perilous world Drone Delivery Despair is a horror game where you view a decaying city through a drone. Humanity is kept alive only thanks to these drones that are still working around the clock. Due to disease, air quality, and unknown disaster, nobody can leave their home.

The city design is excellent, the view of everything was amazing. It’s a spacious and atmospheric world where we see the horrible demise of a large city. Though an excellent and spooky concept, the flying did feel a bit mundane at some points. There’s no places in particular that are interesting to check out, it’s just deliveries. The game is all about witnessing the collapse of the city.

The Unsettling Horror of Drone Delivery Despair

Even though we’re only viewing things as a drone and not a person, it’s super disturbing to watch the city decay over time. Less drones, less people, and all mostly due to unknown reasons. The ending was just as scary, as we switch from going home to self destructing ourselves. After that’s done, there’s zero people, and not even a drone. Just a completely empty and lifeless city once you’ve finished disposing of every last body.

We clean up the corpses and finish everything for good. It’s a thought provoking horror concept, making you wonder exactly what’s going on. Also to think of how being a person stuck in this situation would feel. Imagine your life depending on the next drone delivery. It’s another masterpiece done by KenForest, you should check out his other popular games like Moth House and Please Don’t Litter.

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